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Physiotherapy At Home /Hotel /office

In Dubai

Easy accessibility to trained professinals for wellness & relief

Our physiotherapists are committed to making your rehabilitation experience as comfortable and convenient as possible. Our friendly professionals are dedicated to providing physical therapy and wellness services to patients like you in Dubai.

Our therapists commonly offer physiotherapy at home/hotel/office to patients for post-stroke rehabilitation, post-surgery physiotherapy, bed-ridden patients, auto and work injuries, sports injuries, and orthopaedic conditions affecting the neck, back, spine, shoulders, and knees. With proper treatments, we help you achieve a healthy, balanced life free from pain. We have convenient locations from which we can serve you – and we now offer in-home physical therapy, as well. We treat:

Back Pain Relief

Auto Injuries

Neck Pain Relief

Work Injuries

Sports Injuries

Post Stroke Physiotherapy

Post Surgery Physiotherapy

Bed Ridden Physiotherapy

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The experienced, compassionate physical therapists at Fastcare Healthcare are dedicated to providing superior therapy that improves patient outcomes. Our therapists are committed to returning patients to their normal activities as quickly and safely as possible.


Physical Therapy

Physical therapy services can help you achieve optimum levels of health and fitness, while reducing your pain.


In – Home Therapy

Receive your specialty care in the comfort of your own home! The only journey to focus on is the one to your recovery.


Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy can assist a person in navigating their daily tasks as independently as possible.


Neuro Physical Therapy

The goal of physical therapy for neurological disorders is to restore as much function as possible, in order to help you regain independence and move freely.

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