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Prenatal Drip

Prenatal Drip IV bag set against a background of anemone flowers, ice cubes and splashing water

Goodbye morning sickness, hello the normal you. Safely hydrate and stabilize your body. FastCare Home Health Care understands the importance of a healthy and comfortable pregnancy journey. Our specialized Prenatal Drip is designed to provide expectant mothers with the essential nutrients and hydration needed to support both their well-being and the growth of their baby. Trust us to be your partner in nurturing motherhood.

The Benefits of Our Prenatal Drip:

  • Vital Nutrient Support: Our drip delivers a balanced blend of essential vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes, supporting your body’s changing needs during pregnancy.

  • Hydration Reinforcement: Proper hydration is crucial during pregnancy. Our drip ensures you stay hydrated, which is beneficial for you and your baby.

  • Energy Boost: Pregnancy can be demanding on your body. Our drip can provide a gentle energy boost to help you manage your daily activities.

  • Nausea Relief: Our drip may help alleviate mild pregnancy-related nausea, providing you with some relief during this special time.


  • Hydration fluid – body nourisher
  • Vitamin B6 – natural anti-nausea advocate
  • Essential Minerals and Vitamins
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