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Migraine Drip

Migraine Drip IV bags set against balloon flower leaflets, mint leaves, ice cubes and splashing water

The only way to truly recover from that long lasting migraine. Slip into a clear headed and refreshed mind.

The Benefits of Our Migraine Drip:

  • Pain Relief: Our drip includes a combination of medications and nutrients that can help reduce the intensity and duration of migraine pain.

  • Hydration Support: Dehydration can trigger or exacerbate migraines. Our drip ensures you’re well-hydrated, which is crucial for managing migraines.

  • Nausea Reduction: Migraines often bring along nausea. Our drip may help ease nausea symptoms, offering you greater comfort.

  • Fast Onset: Infused directly into your bloodstream, our drip delivers relief more quickly compared to oral medications.

  • Hydration fluid – body nourisher
  • Pain and anti nausea medication
  • Vitamin B Complex  – wellness supporters
  • Zinc – inflammation buster
  • Magnesium – calm inducer
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